About Veena


Veena Chadda

I have been learning and practicing pilates for approximately 8 years following a disc problem In my lower back.  In 2007 I decided to qualify as a pilates instructor as I had benefited so much from doing pilates that I wanted to teach others . 
I teach only pilates as I have a real passion for this method of exercising.  From Pilates my body has become stronger, leaner and more flexible.  My posture and alignment have improved considerably.  Pilates has transformed my body and enabled me to enjoy an increased awareness of my body and its ability.    I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates and this is why I am so passionate about teaching it.  Pilates in a journey where you see better results the more you do it.  Some clients come to one class a week some two.
Every good pilates teacher continues to improve their body that is why I go to my pilates teacher twice a week sometimes three!

Since qualifying as an instructor in 2007 I have been teaching between 4- 7 classes a week.  I have experience of teaching clients of varying abilities and issues.  Many people have had pilates recommended to them from either their GP, Physiotherapist, osteopath etc.  These professions recognise the benefits clients can achieve from pilates if taught well.  My approach is very hands on and individualised to the class.  Exercises are demonstrated well – the emphasis being on technique and the quality of the movement.  In some cases just a few repetitions of an exercise are required to feel and see a difference in the body. 

My classes are small (4-5 participants) so that I am able to give individual instruction.  Each class is different – although the principles of the exercises remain the same.  Exercise aids such as the dyno bands and pilates rings are used to get further benefit from the exercises. 


Pilates by Veena
'The gentle way to transform your body'