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Pilates (pronounced "puh-lah-teez") is a system of over 500 controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. It is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking.
Pilates conditions the body from head to toe with a no- to low-impact approach suitable for all ages and abilities. It requires patience and practice, but results will follow.

As a fully qualified pilates instructor I teach both one on one and small groups sessions. . My approach is very hands on and individualised to the class, therefore my group sessions will have no more than 5 participants. All classes are taught from my home studio in Earley, Reading in Berkshire.

Many people have had pilates recommended to them from either their GP, Physiotherapist, osteopath etc. These professions recognise the benefits clients can achieve from pilates when taught well.

Pilates has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, due in part to celebrity endorsements.
You may have heard of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Belinder Carlisle, Ruby Wax, Lorraine Kelly, Jamie lee Curtis, Liz Hurley, Madonna and many more you have given testimonials about the effects of Pilates on their body. Their posture has improved and their bodies are longer and leaner.

Whether you are looking for a gentle way to get fit and see the benefits of pilates for your body, or you are looking for a way to exercise that won’t exacerbate existing injuries or create new ones.

Then try pilates in a safe and comfortable environment. See details of my classes.

Some of my clients have written about their experiences of pilates


Pilates by Veena
'The gentle way to transform your body'